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Maryland Drug Possession Laws

Drug possession charges may possibly be one of the most frequently seen charges in Maryland Courts. The state laws regarding drug charges such as drug possession are well defined and the penalties for those convicted of possession can be quite severe. Under Maryland law, the legal term “possession” means having control over something. Therefore, if you have control over the drug, then you are in possession of it by having it anywhere from in your lap to under your car seat.

If an individual is found with any drug besides marijuana it will be considered a felony charge and, anyone convicted of felony drug possession may face years or even decades in prison and fines that may reach $25,000. As a general rule maximum sentences are usually reserved for those convicted of possessing drugs such as ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, and LSD while an offender who is found to be in possession of marijuana faces misdemeanor charge and penalties, and may receive up to 1 year in jail.

Even though the court, will often take into account many factors when deciding the sentence for a defendant convicted of drug possession in Maryland, the penalties can be quite severe, and the charge can certainly have a negative impact on one’s reputation and future, both personally and professionally. The narcotics defense lawyers in Maryland with the law firm of Alpert Schreyer Poe, LLC can help defend MD residents who are facing drug possession charges. Our experienced legal team will fight for your rights in court and be your advocate throughout your legal battle. For a free and confidential consultation, please call (301) 321-7277.