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Andrew Alpert Discusses Ignition Interlock Devices in Maryland

Having spent years defending clients who are facing drunk driving charges in Maryland, Attorney Andrew Alpert understands the complexities of state DUI/DWI laws and the many consequences of driving under the influence (DUI) conviction. Additionally, Andrew Alpert is a certified NHTSA field sobriety test instructor and has been certified to own and operate numerous breath testing instruments, giving him a unique insight into the world of Maryland DUI enforcement. Of all DUI penalties that can be imposed in the state of Maryland, being ordered to install an ignition interlock device can be one of the most imposing and confusing.

Depending on the circumstances of a DUI case, a conviction may result in the installation of an ignition interlock system in the defendant’s vehicle, which is a device that connects the vehicle’s ignition system to a breath analyzer that is used to detect the presence of alcohol in the driver’s breath. Additionally, an interlock device may be a stipulation of DUI probation in Maryland along with other guidelines. These devices work in the same manner as a breathalyzer; however, a driver must prove he or she is below the interlock’s calibrated BAC level or else the vehicle will not start. Installation and maintenance of these devices is frequently expensive and must be paid entirely by the defendant.

Additionally, the device will sometimes require the driver to provide another sample while driving, and if the breath sample fails or is not provided, flashing lights and horns may sound until the car is turned off. Failing your ignition interlock tests can be used as evidence in Court and MVA proceedings and having another person start the vehicle, tampering with the device, or helping someone circumvent the device are all crimes.

Facing drunk driving charges and understanding the penalties that may result can be both terrifying and confusing for Maryland drivers. Maryland DUI ignition interlock attorney Andrew Alpert can defend you against the charges for a drunk driving incident or any incidents involving the device. For a consultation on your case from the experienced legal team at Alpert Schreyer, call (301) 321-7277.