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Out-Of-State DUI Charge: How the Interstate Driver’s License Compact May Affect You

Facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in the state you call home is a frightening and overwhelming experience, and one may face serious consequences if convicted. However, if a person is suspected of drunk driving in another state, does that mean your state of residence will never find out about your alleged crime? Unfortunately, this is not the case, and a suspected DUI driver may face penalties in the state they were arrested as well as penalties in their home state. The way in which a person’s home state may be alerted of the potential traffic violation is the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, also known as the Driver’s License Compact.

The Driver’s License Compact is an agreement between 45 states, including the District of Columbia and Maryland, to exchange information regarding specific traffic violations, such as DUI offenses. In its most basic form, the Driver’s License Compact states that a motorist only has one driving record or driver’s license record. Essentially, this interstate agreement means that if you are charged with driving under the influence in a state that is part of the Compact, the state of Maryland will be notified and the offense will be treated as if it happened there if MD is your main state of residence.

The Interstate Driver’s License Compact was created in 1961 with Nevada becoming the first member. The agreement initially only dealt with serious traffic offenses, such as drunk driving, but now any traffic violation that occurred in a member state will be reported back to the motorist’s state of residence.

The penalties for an out-of-state DUI charge can be severe, largely because one may face excessive penalties in two different states. A DUI conviction can negatively affect one’s future, in addition to his or her present employment and personal relationships. In order to avoid the harsh penalties associated with driving under the influence charge, contact an out-of-state DUI attorney in Annapolis with the law firm of Alpert Schreyer. Our legal team has the resources and skills needed to defend you in your case. Call (301) 321-7277 for a no-cost consultation.