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How Can A DUI Affect My Career?

When it comes to developing your career, there are several different aspects of your life that need to line up in order for your professional growth to flourish. Unfortunately, however much time, blood, sweat, and tears you put in, if you do something to jeopardize your professional growth, it could impact your career trajectory for years to come.

A DUI charge can have such an affect, if you aren’t careful.

DUI charges can affect more than your personal life, they can hurt your finances, your relationships, and your work. Depending on your profession, a DUI can have more of an impact on some than others.

Understanding DUI Charges

A DUI charge, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, (DWI, driving while intoxicated, in some states), can result in severe legal consequences. If convicted, you could face hefty legal fines, the suspension of your drivers’ license, and imprisonment.

Someone charged with DUI without a previous criminal history may incur less severe consequences, especially if they did not harm anyone. However, individuals charged with crimes related to injury, fatalities, or property damage can face life-altering consequences, such as life in prison.

How Can a DUI Charge Impact Me?

As a working professional, it’s important to understand how DUI charges can impact your career. In short, a DUI charge can have a very direct impact in certain “employment at-will” states. In those states employers can fire their employees with little cause, so if your boss fears your charges may reflect badly on their company, they may choose to terminate you immediately.

Even if you have steady work at the moment, a criminal record of a DUI can seriously impact your employability in the future. Potential employers may be hesitant to overlook a criminal record, especially if your job would require you to drive on company time or in a company vehicle.

Careers Most At-Risk

Anyone can be impacted by a DUI conviction, but some professions are far less forgiving than others. Those with public images, such as government workers or public employees, for example, would have a difficult time recovering from serious allegations, let alone a conviction. Individuals who drive professionally would also face the threat of losing their professional license, as would doctors, lawyers, and those who work with children. Medical professionals and teachers or daycare workers are licensed according to strict rules, and a DUI conviction can somewhat easily shatter someone’s hard-earned career.

Our Firm Can Help

Luckily, our firm is here to help you prevent DUI charges from ruining your professional growth. We understand how faulty these BAC tests can be, and we know how fragile professional reputations are when it comes to these types of allegations. Our team has ample experience fighting undeserved DUI charges and we’re here to provide you with the zealous legal representation you need and deserve.

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