FBI Takes Over Investigation of University of Maryland Student’s Assault by Police

The FBI has taken over the investigation into an alleged beating of a University of Maryland student by three Prince George County police officers that reportedly occurred on March 3 of this year, according to The Washington Post.

The alleged assault occurred during a celebration of the University of Maryland’s basketball win over Duke University, and was caught on tape. The student suffered several injuries, including a concussion. The three police officers involved remain suspended or on desk duty while the investigation into the incident is conducted. An internal affairs investigation by the police has almost been completed, but it has been put on hold.

Federal authorities had been observing the work of local prosecutors on the case for several months. Last week, federal officials visited the homes of 40 officers who were working on the night of the apparent assault. However, they have now started interviewing witnesses and have been gathering evidence, including footage from college cameras, emails, and texts from cell phones of police officers at the scene of the crime, as well as obtaining statements from the officers on duty. The FBI has not commented publicly on why federal agents have taken over the investigation, or whether charges are going to be filed. The incident may be pursued as a civil rights case. Charges may also be filed under state law.

This case is very serious for the police officers involved. If the officers involved are found guilty of wrongdoing, their careers could be permanently jeopardized and they could face additional life-altering consequences.

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