Cannibalism Suspect in Maryland Faces Criminal Charges for Earlier Attack

A 21-year-old college student already facing criminal charges for an attack in May has now been charged with more serious offenses for the horrific assault and cannibalistic murder of a 37-year-old male. The 21-year-old suspect attacked another student at Baltimore’s Morgan State University in May, hitting him with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and chains as he walked into the attacker’s apartment. Friends of the victim who followed the blood trail from the door to the backroom said they found the attacker standing over him with a knife, according to a news report. The suspect faces assault and reckless endangerment charges for the university dorm attack.

Days after the May attack, the victim learned that his attacker had allegedly used the same knife to kill and “carve” a 37-year-old man before eating his heart and brain. The murder victim, a Ghana native, had been staying at the family home of the attacker for six weeks when he disappeared on May 25. A Baltimore grand jury has indicted the suspect on numerous charges stemming from the Morgan State University attack including first and second degree attempted murder, first and second degree assault, and a MD weapons offense. He also faces murder and assault charges in the killing of the Ghana native.

Some individuals, including the dorm room attack victim and his attorney, are raising questions as to whether or not the university should have looked more closely into the 21-year-old suspect after a December outburst in a university computer lab that led to his expulsion from the campus ROTC program. In addition, the suspect made cryptic comments about “blood sacrifice” at a January university forum. A spokesman for the school stated the university is doing a thorough review, but so far it appears procedures have been followed.

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