Attempted Murder Charges Dropped Against Man Arrested for Maryland Knife Incident

Recently, a man who allegedly attacked three University of Maryland students and another man with a knife outside a bar had the most serious charges against him dropped, according to The Washington Post. The man had been charged with attempted murder and other crimes in connection with the attack. Prosecutors have dropped the attempted murder charges, but are still seeking charges for second-degree assault.

The Maryland knife incident occurred outside a bar. After the incident, the man fled the scene and shaved his head in an attempt to disguise himself. However, his picture was caught on a surveillance camera and family members convinced him to turn himself in. Upon further investigation, police found additional surveillance video that showed the man was actually acting in self defense. He was attacked and beaten by several individuals inside the bar, which apparently led to the knife incident outside. The people who were attacked were too intoxicated to tell what happened, and none of their injuries were life-threatening. The bar in which the incident occurred has forfeited its liquor license as a result of the attack.

This case could have resulted in a wrongful attempted murder conviction, which may have meant serious prison time for the man. This case shows how important it can be to have an advocate working on your behalf who will carefully examine all the facts of a case. If you’ve been charged with a Maryland crime, contact the experienced Maryland criminal defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer at 301-262-7005 or 1-800-301-7172. Our lawyers will formulate a successful defense on your behalf for your case.

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