Former MD College Student Accused of Threatening Shooting Spree Deemed Fit to Stand Trial

The Washington Times reports that a former University of Maryland student has been declared fit to stand trial in Prince George’s County’s Mental Health Court. The 19-year-old former college student is accused of posting messages online threatening to go on a shooting rampage at the College Park campus of the University of Maryland. Three people alerted campus police about the messages after seeing them on various social media sites, and the college sophomore was arrested and hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation.

The 19-year-old was later released and is now charged with eight different crimes in relation to the March incident, including misuse of electronic mail and disruption of a school’s operations. Authorities conducted a search of the former student’s dorm room and his family’s home in Fulton, but no weapons were discovered. The suspect is presently under home detention and has been indefinitely banned from the grounds of any University of Maryland campus. Prosecutors say it could be months before the case goes to trial, if at all. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for May 15.

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