Investigation Underway in Calvert Shooting Death

The man who shot and killed one of two alleged intruders outside his Huntingtown home was in fear of being killed, according to Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans. The shooting occurred on March 31 at around 10:30 p.m., according to the police report. As reported by, the shooting happened on Harlequin Court near a private residence.

Sheriff Evans told reporters that the man who feared for his life was a retired, Washington D.C. police officer himself. According to the preliminary investigation by the Calvert Investigative Team (CIT) the home owner was inside his home at the time and heard a loud knock or banging on his front door. Before opening the door, the resident found his handgun. When he opened the door, he saw two people. Both acted aggressively and made threatening statements. One had a weapon, which he proceeded to brandish. The resident was afraid of losing his life, so he shot at the suspects. One was hit and fell dead near the home’s driveway. The other suspect left the scene of the incident in a vehicle.

Police have arrested the suspect who fled the scene but are not releasing the name of the person who was shot or information about the vehicle that was used to get away. The second suspect is in custody and has been charged with armed robbery.

Calvert County Sheriff Evans believes the fatal shots were fired in self-defense because the resident feared for his life, and the investigation into the incident in continuing.

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