Maryland Capitol Police Use Forensic Video System to Improve Investigations

The Maryland Capitol Police, who provide security and law enforcement services for Maryland government buildings in Baltimore and Annapolis, recently acquired a video analysis system designed to make security video images more clear. The new technology is intended to make it easier for the Maryland Capitol Police to spot wrongdoing, according to a recent press release.

The system, known as “dTective,” is designed to analyze security camera recordings and to compensate for shortcomings in videos, such as bad lighting, foggy or rainy weather conditions, and lack of clarity. Security officers hope that, by getting clearer security camera images, they will be able to identify suspects more easily and to save time and money on investigations. The system can also blur or remove images of innocent passersby, thus protecting their privacy if the camera footage is used in court.

The dTective system is manufactured by Ocean Systems of Burtonsville. The system chosen by the Maryland Capitol Police is a mobile version that was paid for with a grant from the Maryland Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention.

Technology continues to play a large role in the investigation of Maryland crimes. Since jurors are used to computers running so much of our daily lives, they often do not question the results technology produces – even if those results are clearly wrong. Experienced criminal defense attorneys such as those at Alpert Schreyer know how to ask the right questions to determine if technology was used correctly, and how to challenge technology-based evidence in court.

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