Maryland Governor Tables Gambling Law Expansions

In the face of power outages and severe heat causing dangerous conditions for Maryland residents, Governor Martin O’Malley has postponed a special session to discuss expanding the types of legal gambling allowed in Maryland, according to a recent article in The Washington Post. The governor’s office also noted that legislators who were supposed to participate in the session are not yet ready to convene.

The session would discuss whether or not to open a sixth casino in Maryland, including blackjack tables. If approved, lawmakers would place the casino issue on the November ballot. The new casino would be located in Prince George’s County.

The changing and/or expanding of laws, whether it is to allow another gambling institution, as mentioned above, or to alter the classification of an offense from civil to criminal, can create a lot of confusion. It’s even possible that a person maybe arrested for a crime that they were not aware was a crime. With the right criminal defense attorney, you can help to ensure that your rights will be protected and that you will not be subjected to unjust prosecution.

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