Maryland Legislature Considers Making Domestic Violence a Separate Crime

Maryland’s state legislature is currently considering two bills that would make domestic violence a crime separate from other assaults, according to a recent article in The Maryland Gazette. A separate domestic violence charge would allow the state to keep better track of domestic violence and abuse statistics and make it easier to punish repeat offenders with increasingly severe penalties, according to lawmakers.

The bills – one in each chamber of the legislature – follow actions by Maryland counties to distinguish and track domestic violence occurrences. In particular, Prince George’s County recently established a system of protective orders for domestic violence cases.

The new bill would add Maryland to the list of 41 U.S. states that already treat domestic violence as a separate offense from simple assault. Maryland’s law would also require certain penalties for those convicted of more than one incident of domestic violence. This bill proposes a sentence of up to 10 years in prison for a domestic violence conviction, plus an additional thirty days for each conviction after the first.

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