NIJ Report: Ignoring Eyewitness Rules Results in Wrongful Convictions

According to a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) report obtained by USA TODAY, the mishandling of witnesses during the suspect identification process is the single greatest cause of wrongful convictions in the U.S. The majority of law enforcement agencies have not adopted federal guidelines that have long been in existence.

As reported by USA Today and published by on June 11, ignoring eyewitness rules results in wrongful convictions. A total of 75 percent of wrongful convictions which are later overturned through DNA testing are the fault of flaws in the eyewitness identification process. More than 300 convictions have been overturned through DNA testing since 1989.

In the first National Institute of Justice eyewitness identification standards assessment, 64 percent of police agencies reported having no formal standard for conducting photographic displays of suspects, and 84 percent had no written policy in place for how to conduct live potential suspect lineups. Data for the NIJ report was obtained from 619 police agencies. The study took place over a 15-month period. According to the report, more and more police agencies are realizing that eyewitness identifications are too often unreliable.

According to the executive director of the research forum, Chuck Wexler, the procedure used for eyewitness identification has not received the study and attention it deserves. The credibility of the criminal justice system is in question. No standardization is in place in spite of National Institute guidelines that were established in 1999 as to how witnesses should be used in order to identify suspects.

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