Following DWI Arrest, Cocaine Is Found under a Man’s Stomach Fat


CocainePolice officers, especially those from larger cities, have no shortage of strange stories to tell. This past New Year’s Eve, police from Austin, Texas were part of an arrest that is sure to become a tale that they tell within the department.  Following a man’s arrest for DWI on New Year’s Eve, he was accused of attempting to conceal amounts of cocaine using his stomach fat while he was being transported to jail.

According to the Austin Police, the 48-year-old man was pulled over at approximately 12:26 p.m. Before being pulled over, the officers said that he was seen changing lanes rapidly on North Lamar Boulevard. When the police then witnessed him running a stop sign, they pulled him over.

The arresting officer said that the man smelled very strongly of alcohol, and his eyes appeared to be bloodshot and glazed over. In his affidavit, the man admitted to having been drinking earlier in the night, having two Crown and Cokes before getting behind the wheel.

While being transported to the jail, the patrol cars camera caught footage of the man attempting to destroy cocaine that had been previously concealed under the fat of his stomach.  The man is being charged with DWI, which is considered a 3rd degree felony in Austin.

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