Sale and Use of Synthetic Drug Spice Banned in Frederick, MD

New Frederick MD Drug Law Goes Into Effect

Spice, a synthetic drug sold throughout the state of Maryland, has officially been made illegal in the city of Frederick according to an ABC7 news report. The mayor of Frederick recently signed the ban of the sale and use of this “designer drug” into law, and the drug, which also falls under 200 different brand names such as K2 or Zombie World, has all but disappeared from store shelves. Per the new law, any person caught selling or using this synthetic drug can be fined $1,000 per violation or jailed. In addition, penalties can go beyond fines and arrests, as businesses violating the spice ban can also lose their liquor license and the right to sell lottery tickets.

A Frederick store owner who sold the drug believes the new law will create a “black market” in Frederick and a surge in persons buying the dangerous chemicals online. However, the mayor of Frederick declared spice a public health emergency, which is why he and members of the community felt it essential to get spice off the street, and the mayor is now counting on a city free of designer drugs. The Frederick police chief adds that the spice ban is “a relief for our entire community.”

Both the police chief and the mayor state great efforts were made to work with the Frederick County State’s Attorney to write an effective law that would hold up in court, and are hoping that the city ban gets the attention of the state legislature who may choose to extend the ban of spice to the entire state of Maryland. Presently, Ocean City and Thurmont are the only other cities in Maryland that consider this synthetic drug illegal.

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