Troubled ex-NFL QB Todd Marinovich Is In Trouble Yet Again


RaidersIn January 1988, USC Trojan quarterback Todd Marinovich was receiving regional attention on the cover of California magazine, with the caption “Robo-QB: The Making of a Perfect Athlete.”  The next month he was the subject of a Sports Illustrated article, “Bred To Be A Superstar.”  These article titles referenced his strict nutritional upbringing and exercise regimen from childhood on, which included bringing his own cake and ice cream to birthday parties to avoid sugar and refined white flour.

This is in stark contrast to Marinovichs most recent drug-related run-in with the law on October 4th, in which he was allegedly seen trying to enter into someones home naked and faces several other charges.

Marinovich was once referred to as the Perfect Athlete, due to the strict regimen he kept in accordance with his father, Marv, an NFL strength and conditioning coach for the Oakland Raiders.  In spite of this, the younger Marinovich began drinking and using marijuana during his high school years and through his college years at USC, which included an arrest for cocaine possession.   This all really caught up with him during his NFL years as he began using LSD because it didn’t show up on his drug test.  It did, however, show up in his poor performance on the field and, after failing his 3rd NFL drug test, he was suspended for the 1993 season and would never play again in the NFL…a career wasted on the national stage.

In the following years he would intermittently be arrested on various drug charges, most recently last week, when he was arrested for trespassing, public nudity and possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.   This comes after an August incident, wherein Marinovich allegedly left a bag on a hiking trail in the Irvine area before approaching a nearby Irvine home naked and trying to open the sliding glass door.  The bag contained his wallet and driver’s license, as well as marijuana, meth and drug paraphernalia.  He could face up to three years in jail.

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