Legislation to Allow Dispensing of Medical Marijuana Headed to Senate

A medical marijuana bill has passed in the Maryland House of Delegates after the proposal was endorsed by two committees. As reported by The Baltimore Sun, if the bill passes in the Senate and becomes law, nurses and physicians would be permitted to administer marijuana as a drug to patients who have intractable pain, cancer patients, and others.

Earlier in March, a House committee rejected a broad proposal, creating compassionate care centers where medical marijuana would be distributed. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has gone on record in support of what his administration has called a yellow-light approach to the subject.

The measure was introduced to two committees, Health and Government Operations and the Judiciary Committee, by Delegate Dan Morhaim, who is also a physician.

Maryland lawmakers have been listening to testimony regarding the legalization of marijuana in the state. Most agree, including the measure’s sponsor, that Maryland’s legalization of the sale and use of marijuana for purposes other than a medical reason is years away.

The Maryland Senate has passed a measure decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana. According to the measure, anyone in possession of ten grams or less of marijuana would be charged a fine of $100.00 maximum, and the current jail term of 90 days would be eliminated. The bill’s sponsor called the current jail term a huge waste of Maryland’s resources.

The bill will now move on to the Senate.

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