Iowa Woman Charged with DWI and More After Hitting Police Cruiser

car crash video game

car crash video gameIt is not a good idea to get behind the steering wheel of a car if you have been drinking.

Further, you should not drive after you have been drinking.

It is not a good idea to drive said car into a parked state police cruiser…ESPECIALLY if you drove said car after you were drinking.

That’s exactly what is alleged to have happened this past Saturday night, March 19 when Maryland State Police reported that a woman from Iowa crashed into a state police cruiser while she was driving drunk.   At the time of the crash, the cruiser was parked on the shoulder of US 40 and had its emergency lights flashing.

The Cumberland Times-News identified the driver as a 35-year-old woman from Des Moines, IA, who could not be contacted for comment.  As of yesterday, online court records showed no defense attorney yet.  The crash happened Saturday night just before 10:30pm in Frostburg, MD on US 40 near state Route 36.

The driver has been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), failure to obey a traffic control device, negligent driving, reckless driving and driving through a safety zone.

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