Noah’s Law In The Hands of Maryland General Assembly

Noah's Law

Noah's Law

After approval by the Maryland House of Delegates by an overwhelming 136 – 0 vote, the Maryland General Assembly seems to be moving forward with Noah’s Law…but not without some controversy.

Lawmakers have been criticized by Noah’s Law supporters, who claim that the modifications made through the House Judiciary Committee last week have “watered down” the measure.  A key change and cause of criticism is the House committee changing the bill so suspected drunk drivers who refuse the breathalyzer test would not be required to have ignition interlocks.

Supporters of Noah’s Law have been adamant about that provision and want it to be reintroduced on the House floor.  Noah’s Law would additionally lower the blood alcohol content (BAC) required to mandate an ignition interlock to 0.08 or greater.  Currently, Maryland state law requires the implementation of ignition interlock devices for drivers with a 0.15 BAC or higher.

One high profile supporter is Cindi Lamb, whose daughter, Laura, died at age 7 from complications related to injuries sustained when she and Ms. Lamb were struck by a drunken driver near Mount Pleasant in 1979.   Cindi became an advocate for stronger drunken-driving laws and joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which is a sponsor of Noah’s Law.

The bill is named for 24-year-old Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta, who was working a holiday DUI patrol in Rockville, MD on December 3, 2015 when he was struck and killed by a suspected drunk driver.  Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has signaled his support for “Noah’s Law.” If the measure passes and the governor signs it, it would become law on Oct. 1.

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