Noah’s Law Update:  DUI Charges Can Reach Far Beyond The Incident Itself

Drink drivingYou see the signs in every bar, bar and grill, restaurant, etc.:

“If you are visibly intoxicated, we reserve the right to refuse service.”

Eating and drinking establishments must not only promote responsibility but ACT responsibly themselves for the safety of their patrons…and those with whom their patrons might come into contact. The consequences can be severe in many ways and a recent incident magnified this, as it was associated with a story that made national news.

Noah’s Law.

Just this week it was announced in Baltimore that a Maryland restaurant will be surrendering its liquor license because they served alcohol to the man who went on to drive drunk and subsequently kill police officer Noah Leotta

Baltimore associate county attorney Kathryn Lloyd stated that this action came after the restaurant was charged with sale to an intoxicated person by the Board of License Commissioners.  Lloyd further stated this past Monday in a phone interview that the Rockville, Maryland location of Hooters agreed to surrender its license to serve alcohol.  That Hooters location will also permanently close on November 1st.

This brings resolution to the tragic incident in December 2015 where police say 47-year-old Luis Reluzco spent four hours drinking at the Rockville Hooters restaurant before he left in his car and ultimately hit Noah Leotta, a 24-year-old County Police Officer who was in Gaithersburg working DUI enforcement.  Reluzco pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and will be sentenced in August.  Leotta died a week after the December incident.

The impact of driving under the influence (DUI) and/or driving while intoxicated (DWI) goes beyond the driver and the immediate victims.  It affects the families of those involved and, in this case, families of those who worked responsibly at the restaurant and had nothing to do with the incident.  If you or someone you know winds up in a position where you are in need of representation in a drunk driving case, your future is at stake and there is no time to waste.  Contact the attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC for a free case evaluation.  You will be heard, the facts will be reviewed and we will create the best defense to get you the best possible outcome in your situation.  Don’t wait – contact us today!

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