Montgomery County Alcohol Holiday Task Force Ends: 254 Dui Arrests Made


checkpointThe Montgomery County alcohol holiday task force ran from November 16, 2016 to January 7, 2017 this year. During this period of eight weeks, the county’s officers stepped up their efforts for the prevention and arrest of drunk or drugged driving. This year, Montgomery County police charged a total of 254 individuals during the crackdown.
According to Montgomery County Police, during the eight-week task force, 249 people were charged for driving under the influence of alcohol, 5 people were charged with driving under the influence of drugs, and 28 individuals received criminal citations for selling alcohol to minors in a business.
The totals stated only include those that were made by officers of the task force and does not count arrests that may have been made by patrol officers. This may mean a higher total of DUI arrests were made by officers of the county for the time period that the task force was active.
The alcohol holiday task force implemented a number of methods to curb drinking during the period, including the use of sobriety checkpoints, checks to ensure that businesses were not selling alcohol to minors, and the ticketing of those hosting underage drinking parties.
Officer Noah Leotta of the Montgomery County Police was killed in December 2015 while working on the alcohol holiday task force. He was hit by a repeat drunk driver. In October 2016, Noah’s Law went into effect, making it a state law that all DUI offenders in Maryland would be required to use ignition interlock devices.
Born from a similar alcohol related tragedy, a law commonly referred to as Alex and Calvin’s Law exists in Maryland to help prevent dangerous behavior. The law is named after two Thomas Wooton High School graduates who were in a crash resulting in both of their deaths, following an underage party where alcohol was served. The law increases the penalties for adults who host parties where alcohol is served to minors, allowing them to face sentences that include jail time and up to a $5,000 fine.
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