Noah’s Law Update:  Maryland Man Pleads Guilty in Death of Noah Leotta

Noah's Law

Noah's LawThere has been much anticipation (and even a little debate) while waiting for progress in the case involving police officer Noah Leotta’s death this past December. A new Maryland DUI law, called “Noah’s Law” after Leotta, was just signed into law last week and we finally got some answers regarding the incident that started it all, as well as the man responsible.

On Wednesday the 18th at a hearing in Rockville, Luis Reluzco of Olney, Maryland pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter for the drunk driving death of Leotta,  a Montgomery County police officer.

The details of what happened that day in December were related in the hearing in front of a group of over 70 people including the county’s police chief and Noah Leotta’s parents.

After an afternoon doctor’s appointment along Rockville Pike, Reluzco smoked a “one-hitter of marijuana and began to drive toward home.  He stopped at a Hooter’s restaurant and took a half-milligram pill of Xanax before entering at 5:20pm.  According to his bar tab (stored electronically), he then consumed 1 Big Daddy Bud Light, 4 Stella draft beers, 2 shots of Jameson whiskey and 3 shots of well whiskey in approximately 2 hours.

After paying his credit card tab, Reluzco remained at Hooters and police stated that, in addition to his credit card tab, he bought additional drinks with cash.  When he was tested later after the December 3rd drunk driving incident, blood tests revealed his BAC to be about 0.22…almost triple the legal limit.

Officer Noah Leotta was out of his car after pulling over a vehicle on Rockville Pike during a holiday DUI enforcement effort when Reluzco’s Honda CR-V hit Leotta’s police vehicle before hitting Leotta.

Reluzco’s sentencing is scheduled for August 23rd and he faces up to 10 years in prison.  Reluzco could be eligible for parole after completing 25% of his prison sentence as vehicular manslaughter is labelled a “nonviolent” offense in Maryland.

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