Sixth Dui Charge Lands Hagerstown Man in Jail


PrisonAfter receiving five previous drinking and driving convictions, one that involved a vehicular homicide, a man from Hagerstown was arrested after failing to appear in Washington County Circuit Court for his sixth charge. His failure to appear resulted in another arrest, with bond being set at $60,000.

The court date for his DUI charge was set for November 17th, in relation to a charge incurred on September 3rd. According to online court records, he failed to appear in Court. The initial charge occurred when the perpetrator was pulled over during a traffic stop around 3:38 a.m. on the 1500 block of Potomac Avenue, court records state.

At the bond hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Dumproff requested the man be held without bond, citing his many prior convictions. The prior convictions stated by Dumproff have all occurred since 1990, including a homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence conviction that happened in 1992. Among the defendant’s other convictions is a DUI arrest in 1996 and two that occurred in 2002.

According to a 1998 article in The Herald-Mail, the incident on July 17, 1991 resulted in the instant death of a passenger in the defendant’s vehicle. He was charged with homicide by motor vehicle while intoxicated after his vehicle crashed into a Washington County Sheriff deputy’s cruiser. The event resulted in him serving 2 ½ years in prison.

According to court records, Assistant Public Defender Hutt informed the court that the perpetrator had been in contact with the Public Defender’s Office prior to his court appearance scheduled for November 17th. The defendant had informed an employee at the Public Defender’s Office that he would be attending a relative’s funeral in Florida on that day. The perpetrator was able to produce an online obituary of the relative to validate his claims.

Washington County District Court Judge Terry A. Myers asked Hutt if the defendant had turned himself in upon returning home from the relative’s funeral, to which he replied that he did not.

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