You Can Lose Your Professional License After a DWI or DUI

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The aftermath of a DWI or DUI conviction can prove more than inconvenient due to the suspension of your driver’s license and a criminal conviction on your record. The loss of your professional license or security clearance could pose an even more difficult problem. That could cause you to lose your job and hurt your future employment opportunities and income.

We understand the stress of such a loss after putting years of hard work and finances toward your education. Let us help you work through the details of your conviction and licensure policies. Contact Alpert Schreyer, LLC, today to speak with one of our attorneys and schedule a free case evaluation.

Professional Licenses Affected by a DWI or DUI Conviction

Professional organizations or agencies that base their licensure on trust, moral judgment and good character are more likely to suspend or revoke your license as a result of DWI or DUI convictions. Some of those professions may include:

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Educator (principal, teacher)
  • Real estate agent
  • Insurance agent
  • Military personnel and defense contractors

Every professional agency and its board has its own particular position on dealing with a member with a criminal conviction and how that conviction affects licensure. You may face the denial of a license if you have not yet obtained one, a probation period or license suspension for a period of time if you already have one, or you may face the complete revocation of your license.

The board may allow you a hearing to gather more information related to your conviction and give you the opportunity to defend yourself. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney today to help you understand your options, and fight off the most severe consequences affecting your long-term professional career.

What Should I Do Following a DWI or DUI Conviction?

The days following a DWI or DUI conviction may fill with uncertainty, but the following will help you improve your chances of maintaining a professional license.

  1. Speak with an attorney right away. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you establish a strong defense to help build your credibility and possibly preserve your professional license.
  2. Report a DUI or DWI conviction. Regardless of your licensing agency’s policy on disciplinary action, it may still require you to report the DWI or DUI conviction to the appropriate entity.
  3. Follow restrictions: You may lose your driving privileges. Follow any restrictions to avoid further penalties.
  4. Demonstrate your good character: Take steps toward rehabilitation that may build your good standing, such as treatment programs or community service.

Losing a professional license is a serious and difficult situation. Moving forward in your career and beyond the stigma of a criminal conviction can pose many challenges. Do not ignore your responsibilities after a conviction. Put yourself in the best position possible to retain your license and your livelihood.

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