Can a DUI Cost You Your Nursing Career

Can a DUI Cost You Your Nursing Career?

When an officer charges you with a DUI, it can feel like your life is out of control. You may face fines, suspension of your license, or even potential jail time. The repercussions can feel excessive for one simple mistake. Don’t let a DUI cost you your nursing career.

If you work as a nurse, or in the healthcare field, the consequences may be even more severe. You could lose your current job, be unable to maintain board certifications, and lose the ability to find employment for the foreseeable future.

If you face charges, whether a single DUI, multiple DUIs, or felony DUI, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. With appropriate counsel, you may be able to avoid a conviction altogether, ;and prevent a DUI from destroying your career.

Losing Your Job

Worrying about the standard sentencing that comes with a DUI is common. Because of this, you may have overlooked other additional effects that can affect your career.

Many employers, especially hospitals, have guidelines in place to terminate employees with convictions. With the right attorney, first-time, minor DUIs may not result in any reprimand.

Repeat offenders or those convicted of Felony DUI charges are much more likely to lose their job. An experienced defense attorney can help prevent a conviction from ever occurring, by building an aggressive defense.

Future Prospects

Not only can a DUI affect your current job, but also can affect future opportunities as well. Many healthcare employers will not hire those with felony convictions – sometimes as long as seven years after the event.

A large part of employers do not hire felons. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency services, and schools are a few that have such policies. A DUI conviction can become a blemish on your career for years. For many, it puts a stop to their career or starting a new one. Don’t let a single mistake put your vocation on hold for years to come.

Indirect Consequences

In addition to losing your job or not being able to find a new one, there are indirect issues caused by a DUI conviction.. While they won’t cause you to lose your job, they will make it more difficult to find or keep meaningful employment.

If you have your license suspended, it limits the number of job opportunities available to you. For those who don’t live in major cities, a lack of public transportation can make a license suspension even more difficult.

Reduced opportunities due to travel are just the beginning. Having a DUI conviction or a felony on your record will make your job search impossible. Lack of transportation, having your application filtered out for being a criminal, and not being able to hold required certifications will all play a role.

Don’t Let a DUI Cost You Your Nursing Career

If you face DUI charges, there is still time. Contacting  experienced criminal defense lawyers can mean the difference between a conviction and moving on with your life. Don’t let a DUI conviction put your career back to square one.

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