College of Southern Maryland’s “Road Ready Road-E-O” Program Named as Model

The College of Southern Maryland’s program to prevent impaired driving on their campus was recently listed as one of the best. According to, the program would be an excellent model for other colleges and universities across the U.S. to follow. Other colleges and universities represented in the list were California State University, The University of Kentucky, and Jacksonville State University. Programs from any of the four schools could easily be modified for other campuses.

The topic of the College of Southern Maryland program was “Traffic Safety and Impaired Driving.” Program objectives included the following:

  • Promote a new drivers’ education program
  • Hold an interactive event designed to promote sober driving and traffic safety
  • Obtain support and participation from the local community and police force
  • Provide the chance for students to drive in an impaired driving simulation called the “DUI Bug.”

The highlight of the event was the “DUI Bug”. A Volkswagen Beetle was mechanically altered in order to delay the vehicle’s response to steering and braking. Students drove the car on a cone track. Students were able to experience what could happen if they drove under the influence of alcohol.

It is very important to practice safe driving and driving sober is a part of this practice. However, just because you make the right decisions about drinking and driving does not mean you will never be pulled over for DUI. There are many factors that may contribute to a DUI arrest, but that does not mean you are guilty.

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