Man From Maryland Charged With Dui With Injury


AlcoholA car accident resulting in the injury of a driver has led to a Maryland man being charged with DUI, court records say.

The Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department is charging the 24-year-old offender for a separated incident involving a second-offense DUI. The Morgantown Police department is charging the defendant with DUI with injury for the event.

Monongalia County Magistrate Court arraigned the defendant April 1st, and his total bail has been set to $5,000.

The criminal complaint states that a previous DUI incident occurred this past October when he collided with another vehicle on University Avenue. The accident caused the other driver involved to suffer various injuries. Medical records related to the case show a blood alcohol content of .138 for the perpetrator, well above the state legal limit of .08.

DUI convictions are serious matters and can create a number of hardships in your life, seriously impacting your ability to drive, the quality of jobs that you can get, and the quality of life available to your family. Once you have been charged with a DUI, there is a limited amount of time available for you to prepare your case.

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