Second Week of Drunk Driving Task Force Nets 30 DUI Arrests

After 22 drunk driving arrests in the first week of the Montgomery County police force’s holiday crackdown, the second week netted even more DUI charges.

Police have stated that their holiday efforts to prevent drinking and driving will include:

– Using underage volunteers to help with compliance checks of businesses who hold alcohol licenses to ensure that shopkeepers are careful not to sell alcohol to minors.

– Responding to calls for parties where there may be underage drinking.  Citations are issued to those who are under 21 years of age and have been using alcohol.  Parents of juveniles are notified to come pick them up.  All others are then ensured a safe ride home.  An adult can be held criminally liable if he/she provides alcohol to an individual under 21 years and he/she knew or reasonably should have known the individual would operate a motor vehicle and did operate the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and caused serious injury or death.

– Sobriety checkpoints focusing on areas that drivers are most at risk for encountering impaired drivers.

The second week of the holiday drunk driving initiative resulted in:

1 criminal citation issued to an adult for selling alcohol to a minor in a business

3 civil alcohol citations issued to juveniles under the age of 21 for possession of alcohol

10 civil alcohol citations issued to adults under the age of 21 for possession of alcohol

30 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)

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