Social Media and Your DUI Charge

Social Media and Your DUI Charge

Social media websites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, have become integral parts of our everyday lives. They are great ways to connect with friends and family and meet new people. But your activity on social media may not be as private as you think. If you are facing a DUI charge, it’s important to be aware that social media can be used as evidence in your case.

How Social Media Can Affect Your DUI Case

While you should obviously never discuss your ongoing DUI case on social media, your past social media activity can prove to be problematic as well. Photos of you drinking or holding alcoholic beverages can be looked upon unfavorably. Statements you make about your activity while intoxicated can also be damaging. This is especially true if you have several posts like these over a period of time.

Beyond your own posts, things like location information can also be useful to law enforcement. Many social media posts contain location tracking information which can be used by law enforcement to establish a timeline. For example, if you posted from several bars before your arrest, this evidence can support a claim that you had been drinking for a few hours beforehand.

Privacy Settings May Not be Enough to Protect You

You may think that by setting your social media accounts to private that only friends can view your posts your information is private. While this is a good start, it’s not always enough. You can’t control posts made by other people and the privacy setting on their account may not be so private. Posts made by other people showing you drinking before your arrest can certainly be used against you.

Approaching Social Media During Your DUI Case

There are some steps you can take to minimize potential damage caused by social media:

  • Consider stepping away from social media. Shut down or suspend your accounts until your case is over.
  • If you insist on keeping your accounts open, make sure to set them all to the highest privacy settings.
  • Do not make any new posts on your accounts, especially about your pending case.
  • Do not open new social media accounts.
  • Do not friend anyone new or start following new accounts.

Contact a DUI Attorney

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