St. Patrick’s Day Focuses Maryland Police on Drunk Driving

Over the years, St. Patrick’s Day has gained the reputation of being a time when many overindulge in alcohol and, as a result, often put others at risk by choosing to drive drunk. Because drunk driving on St. Patrick’s Day has led to many fatalities and injuries, police are determined to crack down on such activities when St. Patrick’s Day occurs this March

To keep from driving drunk and causing an accident or being arrested by Maryland police this holiday, Maryland partiers should use extra caution and avoid driving. Secure a safe ride back to your home via a designated driver, taxi, sober drive program, or another form of public transportation. Make sure others at the party use this method of transportation as well to prevent them from causing an accident and/or being arrested.

Because Maryland police will be focused on making DUI (driving under the influence) arrests this holiday weekend, there is a higher likelihood that drivers will be the subject of wrongful arrests. While police are supposed to perform thorough field sobriety and breath alcohol testing, the sheer number of DUI checkpoints and pullovers that will be occurring this weekend means that officers may make many mistakes. If arrested for a DUI, Maryland drivers should remain calm and comply with police procedure, and also contact an experienced drunk driving defense attorney as soon as possible.

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