Can I get Auto Insurance after a DUI?

Auto Insurance

auto insuranceCan I get Auto Insurance after a DUI?

Auto insurance is one of the many important aspects of your life that can be affected by a DUI charge.  If your charge turns into a DUI conviction, your insurance company will be notified, which will often result in higher premiums due to you now being considered a higher risk driver.

The other possibility is that your insurance company might decide to no longer continue to insure you after your conviction and simply drop you.  If you’re charged in the state of Maryland, you might be offered probation before judgement (PBJ), otherwise known as a deferred judgement. This is an option for many first time offenders who are arrested for DUI in Maryland. While this option is preferable to a conviction (since it doesn’t technically count as a conviction), it can still affect whether or not your monthly premiums will go up, and whether or not your insurance company will continue to cover you.

Whatever the case, the possibilities can be scary and overwhelming.  Even if you’re not dropped altogether, being classified as a high risk driver will most likely cause a substantial change in your premiums that you will definitely feel in your wallet.

If I’m Convicted or receive adjudication, will my premiums ever go back down?

Unfortunately, there are no standards among the insurance companies as far as when you’re considered to be lower risk after a DUI conviction or other dispensations such as probation before judgement.  While one insurance company might decide that you’re too high of a risk for them to cover, another might decide that after a length of time without further incident you are once again considered to be an acceptable risk; and therefore eligible for an average premium. In either instance, there is no set answer for if or when your premiums will go back down.

Hire an Attorney

When it comes to your auto insurance, neither a conviction nor a deferred judgement are ideal. If you are charged with driving under the influence, then it is important to hire an experienced DUI attorney before your court date. Having an attorney presenting your defense can greatly raise the chances of your charges being acquitted. The attorneys at Alpert Schreyer have both the experience with Maryland DUI laws and the strong knowledge of DUI defense necessary to represent and defend you in the courtroom. If you’ve been charged with DUI in the state of Maryland, contact our legal offices for a free case evaluation regarding your case. Being cleared of the charges not only means that your insurance premiums stay affordable, but you’ll also be protected from the other penalties and punishments that come with a DUI.

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