What Are “Administrative Penalties” In a Drunk Driving Case?


GavelDUI is a serious matter. Even more so because there are two sets of penalties, not just one, when charged with driving under the influence. In the state of Maryland, a DUI arrest means you’ll be facing both criminal and administrative penalties. The criminal proceedings, which will typically take place in the District Court, is where a judge and/or jury will determine if you are guilty of the charges. They will also determine the criminal penalties you’ll face, including fines and jail sentencing. The administrative hearing you’ll face is from the MVA. This will determine whether or not you’ll be allowed to keep your driving privileges.

Time is of the Essence

When you’re cited for a DUI in Maryland, your driver’s license will be confiscated and you’re given a temporary license which lasts for 45 days. However, from the time you’re cited you have only 10 days to request an administrative hearing in which you can fight to keep your drivers license. Failure to make this request in a timely manner may mean your license will be suspended. The minimum suspension time for a DUI in Maryland varies depending upon whether this is a first offense.

Hire an Attorney

Because of the severity, the first step you need to take is hire an experienced Maryland drunk driving defense attorney. Hiring an experienced attorney familiar with state DUI laws as well as the science behind blood alcohol testing is important. This is your best chance for being found not guilty and successful during your administrative hearing as well.  As no two cases are the same, it’s important that your attorney takes an individualized approach for your case. Inform them of any and all important details.

A DUI charge is a very serious matter and a DUI conviction even more so. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in the state of Maryland, contact the legal offices of Alpert Schreyer, LLC.   Attorney Andrew Alpert is an experienced, nationally recognized DUI defense attorney and has been successfully representing drivers for over 25 years. He and his team of dedicated legal professionals understand the severity of a DUI conviction and are dedicated to presenting the best possible defense, uniquely tailored  for your case. Call or go online to schedule a free case evaluation regarding your DUI charges today.

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