1 in 5 College Students Admits to Driving Drunk

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drinking games20% of College Students Admit To Drunk Driving

DUIs are becoming an increasing concern for many college campuses across the nation. While students going out for a drink aren’t much of a concern, how they’re getting home is. The problem for many college students who are trying to live on a tight budget is the inability to afford a cab or other means of getting home safely. Because of this, many college students will drive to the bar knowing that they’ll have to drive home afterwards.

In 2010, a study was conducted by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health found that one in five students admitted to driving while under the influence of alcohol and 40% had admitted to riding with a drunk driver.

College Students Are Facing Increased Penalties

Being charged with a DUI is a very serious offense. If convicted, a driver is looking at steep fines, a suspension of driving privileges, as well as the potential for jail time. While these penalties serve as a harsh reminder for those who decide to drive drunk, colleges are taking it a step further. Colleges such as TCU are also imposing academic penalties for students who have been caught drinking and driving. These punishments typically include academic probation but can also affect a student’s financial aid.

What is Being Done

While the number of incidents involving drunk driving on campus has been increasing, so are the measures to curb it. Many campuses are creating safe ride programs that allow a student to get home after a night of drinking with little to no cost. Some of these programs are created by student fraternities and are limited only to members. However, many student governments are working to create safe ride programs that are accessible to all students.

What Should I do if I’ve been Charged with a DUI?

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in the state of Maryland it’s important that you get the help of an experienced DUI attorney immediately. Not only can a DUI affect your life and livelihood, it can also affect your education, this is especially true for students seeking professional careers from a Medical or Law school. Because of the severity of the charge and the resulting consequences, your case will need to be defended vigorously by a DUI attorney who is familiar with both Maryland DUI laws as well as the science behind chemical and breath testing. Contact the offices of Alpert Schreyer and speak with one of our experienced DUI attorneys for a free legal consultation regarding your DUI case.

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