Big Drinker vs. Wise Drinker

beer mug

beer mugCompared to the rest of the world, the truth is that the United States just doesn’t drink that much. Well, that’s not technically true; really, it’s just when we compare ourselves to Western Europe that we can especially look like light drinkers, and if you’ve ever paid a visit to the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, or beyond, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Yet within the United State itself, you see a wide spectrum as far as drinking is concerned, with some states being quite light on drinking while others are surprisingly heavy. Maryland, for example, trends towards the lighter end of things, drinking little in the way of spirits, wine, and beer, whereas states like Texas, Montana, and Nevada are heavy-drinking states indeed!

Consider the Consequences

Is it really so good a thing to be a heavy-drinking state, however?  Some people tend to think it’s a good thing to be able to drink a lot, to be someone who can really “hold their liquor,” but no matter how well one comports oneself while intoxicated, you are still intoxicated – and therefore, you could be a danger to yourself and others in any number of situations while “under the influence,” even while you are supposedly entirely in control. The truth of the matter is that you may well not be in control, even if it seems and feels like it. Alcohol can cloud your judgment in many things – why not this as well?

Better Safe Than Sorry

That is why it isn’t just a test of saying the alphabet backwards and walking in a straight line that a police officer uses to determine whether or not you are intoxicated; these days, a simple breathalyzer test or blood test is all that is needed to get accurate results, and that is all that is really required to be charged. No matter how “in control” you may seem, being legally drunk while driving is absolutely unacceptable, and the law is there to punish you for it. Rather than be a big drinker, it’s often better to a be a wise drinker and ensure that you are not driving while intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of alcohol.

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