Chairman of liquor board steps down after DUI arrest


DUIAfter receiving DUI and related reckless driving charges last week, the chairman of the Prince George’s County liquor board has agreed to step down from his position.

Late on Thursday, December 8 Caldwell was arrested after police arrived at a scene involving a three-vehicle crash. The accident occurred outside of the grand opening celebration of the MGM National Harbor.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s press secretary, Shareese DeLeaver-Churchill released a statement regarding the situation:

“Under these circumstances, the governor does not have the authority to remove Mr. Caldwell from the board. However, the governor is very concerned and disappointed in this situation and has asked Mr. Caldwell to step down from his role as chairman, which he has agreed to do. Ultimately, there is a legal process that will play out in the near term and our office will be monitoring that process very closely. The current vice-chairman will assume the leadership duties of this board in the interim.”

Video provided by a couple that was involved in the accident shows Caldwell having great difficulty completing the administered field sobriety tests.

Police Corporal Lamar Robinson of Prince George’s County stated that police “approached Mr. Caldwell on the driver’s side of his vehicle and observed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. Some preliminary field sobriety tests were given to Caldwell, which he failed, and subsequently he was placed into custody. And at that particular juncture, he was charged accordingly.”

According to FOX 5, Caldwell stated that he had been drinking that evening, consuming a cocktail or two across a period of two-hours. He said that the incident was “blown out of proportion,” and that at almost 73 years old it is not uncommon for him to be unsteady on his feet.

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