December Is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

beer_taps_74820431-300x199A signed proclamation by President Obama in 2010 designated the month of December as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month in an attempt to focus on preventing drunk and drugged driving in the U.S. With the holiday season and the end of the year quickly approaching, festive holiday parties and celebrations will be in full swing the next several weeks, making it an excellent time to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving and the consequences of an arrest. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), a person is killed every 52 minutes, on average, in a drunk driving-related crash each year and every 90 seconds a person is injured.

The organization also notes that approximately one-third of drunk driving problems in the country, such as arrests, injuries, and fatalities, come from repeat offenders. Essentially, this means that each time a driver is behind the wheel, he or she is potentially sharing the road with 2 million people who have three or more drunk driving offenses.

The key to preventing a serious drunk driving accident and a possible arrest begins with you, so if you will be attending a seasonal celebration this month, designate a driver before the party begins or program the numbers of local cab companies in your phone to ensure you have a safe ride home.

If you plan on being a party host, plan a safe celebration including non-alcoholic beverage options for guests and try not to serve alcohol the last hour of the gathering. Also, be prepared to help others stay off the road if they have been drinking by allowing them to stay at your home, if possible, or by helping your guest arrange a sober ride home.

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