Multi-State HERO Program Dedicated to Preventing Drunk Driving

drink_drive_42944901-300x193The Ocean City Gazette reports that more than 2,000 participants joined the second annual HERO walk recently in Ocean City, NJ. The “Be a Hero, Be a Designated Driver” event benefited the HERO campaign, a non-profit organization committed to preventing drunk driving by promoting the use of designated drivers. Since its inception 12 years ago, HERO has expanded to five states and appeared on television commercials, billboards, and professional sports stadiums. The campaign was founded in memory of the son of the co-founders who tragically lost his life in a drunk driving accident in July of 2000.

The Ocean City event raised over $125,000 for the HERO campaign, with 100 teams and 100 volunteers participating in the event. The chairman emphasizes that they do not pass judgment on drinking, but aim to spread the message of the importance of a designated driver.

He states their goal is to register one million designated drivers, and urges those interested in the campaign to sign a pledge to be a “HERO, be a designated driver.” The chairman explains that he believes the war against drunk driving will be won by designated drivers and, that if people follow through, future drunk driving tragedies can be prevented.

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