Noah’s Law Overwhelmingly Passes Maryland Senate

Noah's Law

Noah's LawMonday was a huge day for supporters of Noah’s Law. The law passed the Maryland Senate by a 45-0 vote without debate.

Noah’s Law advocates had expressed concern after the bill passed the Maryland House of Delegates. This was because they felt it had been significantly watered down from the original version.   The House of Delegates modified the bill to the point where it affected fewer drivers. Despite this, most of the provisions were put back in place before the House vote.  The version passed by the Senate is NOT the modified version passed by the House. Advocates consider this non-modified version to be the stronger one.

Since there are two versions of the bill, a conference committee will be set up to iron out the discrepancies and create the eventual final version.

Noah’s Law essentially expands the use of ignition interlocks. These devices prevent a car from starting if the driver has been drinking, for drivers convicted of drunk driving.  Currently under Maryland law, ignition interlocks are required for convicted drunk drivers with a blood alcohol level of .15 or higher.  Noah’s Law is seeking stronger ignition interlock requirements. This includes lowering the qualifying blood alcohol level to .08 in addition to other changes.

These requirements have been under debate for years, but the issue and the momentum for changes intensified after Montgomery County Police Officer Noah Leotta was killed by a suspected drunk driver this past December, hence the name “Noah’s Law”.  Leotta had pulled over another drunk driver and was conducting the traffic stop when he was struck and killed by the another drunk driver.

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