Palcohol: Just What Is It?

powdered alcoholDrinking is still very much an international past-time, the choice way of relaxing across race, class, gender, and every other cross-section of society. Yet it’s also incredibly expensive, incredibly filling, and actually quite unhealthy not just because of the alcohol but because of the sheer amount of carbs that you consume when you drink. If you’re out for a real wild night, you can end up consuming hundreds, if not thousands, of carbs, and that can lead to a really bloated feeling the next day and lots of unburnt calories, thereby leading to excessive weight-gain. Today’s scientists are working to find ways around all that, and maybe they have with powdered alcohol.

The P in Palcohol

Powdered alcohol, otherwise known as “palcohol,” has seen quite a bit of discussion since it was first introduced. The idea of a drink that has been reduced to powdered form for consumption can seem utterly absurd, but it is important to note that most substances can exist in a variety of different forms. In this case, it’s important to understand that alcohol can be absorbed in cyclodextrins, which are a sugar derivate, and then contained in small capsules as a powder.

The substance has faced quite a bit of legal trouble since its introduction, however. It is regulated in the same way that other alcoholic beverages are regulated, and so requires similar licensing and approvals.   Palcohol also finds itself subject to alcoholic beverage taxes.  Once it overcomes these hurdles, though, one must then consider how to even administer the palcohol.

Stay Safe

It can, of course, just be reconstituted by being added to water, creating an alcoholic beverage. It can also be take orally, with the effects of drinking alcohol really kicking in on ingestion. Another option is to use a nebulizer with standard cyclodextrin capsules of palcohol. Regardless of how it is administered, it can still cause you to become intoxicated, which means that at a certain point, it is no longer legal for you to drive or operate heavy machinery. Take the use of palcohol just as seriously as you would take drinking beer, wine, or spirits – or you will regret it.

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