Steer Clear of a Maryland DUI Arrest during Super Bowl Weekend

Maryland has a lot to root for come Super Bowl Sunday as the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers face off for the most coveted honor in professional football: the National Football League (NFL) championship. Even for non-football fans, Maryland residents can’t help but get into the competitive spirit with a team from their own state in the running. On February 3, 2013, the Ravens and 49ers, will play the biggest game of the season in New Orleans while the rest of the nation watches during annual Super Bowl parties.

Even our legal team at Alpert Schreyer is looking forward to the big game, but as experienced DUI defense attorneys, we would be remiss if we didn’t make sure Maryland is prepared for another Super Bowl Sunday tradition: increased DUI enforcement.

On a day where groups of people will be gathering for football, food, and beer, there will likely be increased DUI patrols as well as DUI checkpoints to make sure drunk drivers don’t hit the road. While there may be increased enforcement during all of Super Bowl weekend, it will be especially heightened following the Super Bowl, when people would be more likely to leave their party and head home. While the effort to keep roads safe and free of drunk drivers is important, such increased enforcement periods may create other issues. When law enforcement is looking for drunk drivers, they may misinterpret signs or evidence to fit that goal. This can lead to mistakes in arrest procedure and the arrest of unimpaired drivers. To make sure you don’t have a DUI arrest to round-out your Super Bowl Sunday, consider the following tips:

  • Don’t drink and drive. If you are planning on drinking, get a ride to the Super Bowl party and arrange for a ride home. Or at least hang out until you are completely sober before you hit the road.
  • Try not to drive immediately after the Super Bowl has ended, even if you have had nothing to drink. Law enforcement will be on high-alert at this time and you may still be stopped.
  • Drive very safety and carefully when you do hit the road during Super Bowl Sunday. Bad driving is often mistaken for signs of intoxication.
  • Be aware of DUI checkpoints in your area and avoid them if possible. It is a police officer’s job to suspect everyone at a sobriety checkpoint and they may, even if evidence may suggest otherwise.

From the Rockville DUI defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday!

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