Thanksgiving Holiday Sees Many Maryland DUI Crashes, Arrests


TravelingThanksgiving brought both merriment and drunkenness to Maryland this year, as police officers had their hands full around the holiday with a large number of drunk driving incidents occurring across the state. Prior to the holiday, Maryland law enforcement announced it would increase police patrols and driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoints and pullovers. The tactic worked as troopers arrested 113 DUI suspects across the state from Wednesday through Sunday, according to The Daily Record.

The majority of the DUI arrests occurred in Baltimore County, but drunk driving incidents and auto accidents happened across Maryland. According to law enforcement officials, troopers issued more than 10,000 total traffic citations from Wednesday through Sunday. The holiday weekend saw 284 auto collisions. Five of the crashes were fatal and resulted in six deaths.

Holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, typically see a rise in the number of DUI incidents and auto accidents in general due to an increase in parties and traveling. As such, police are out in force and specifically looking to arrest drunk drivers. However, with such a focus on making DUI arrests, law enforcement can make mistakes in DUI testing and procedures. It is possible that drivers can be wrongfully charged with drunk driving due to police mistaking fatigue for drunkenness, improperly administering breath alcohol content (BAC) tests, or a number of other mistakes. These mistakes can lead to serious charges and harsh penalties for undeserving drivers.

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