Two Maryland State Police Troopers Struck By Suspected Impaired Driver

Police accident

Police accidentIn the two months since Noah’s Law went into effect, there seem to be more reports of police officers being struck by drunk drivers and, in fact, well over 30 Maryland State Police troopers have been struck this year.

On the evening of Monday, December 5, two Maryland State Police troopers were protecting the scene of a crash  in Charles County when they were struck by a suspected impaired driver.

The troopers, Thomas Davis and Matthew Milch, were parked behind the crash scene on northbound Route 301 a little before 7:00 p.m. when a vehicle driven by a 75-year-old woman  crashed into an unoccupied patrol car causing it to crash into the car occupied by the the troopers.  State police reports that neither of the state troopers were injured.

Both the occupied and unoccupied patrol cars had their emergency lights on and traffic was being actively directed to the left of the scene of the crash.  The woman was arrested and has been charged with driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI), negligent driving, failure to obey designated lane directions and failure to change lanes for an emergency vehicle.  The driver of the two truck called to the scene was also arrested after Charles County Sheriff’s deputies detected signs that that driver was also impaired.

At this point of the year in Maryland, 37 state troopers have been struck at traffic stops on the side of Maryland roads, highways, construction zones or crash scenes.  In addition, another 20 unoccupied patrol cars have been crashed into.

As we continue into the holiday season, traffic conditions become more congested and challenging…which only makes it more obvious that driving drunk is not the right choice.  But these things happen.  If you or someone you know is facing charges of drunk driving, the most important decision you can make is choosing an experienced Maryland attorney who understands DUI law and can properly represent you in your case.  Call us today for your free DUI consultation.  We will listen to your case, review the facts and fight for the best possible outcome for you and your future.  Don’t wait – call or contact us now.

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