Maryland Attorney General Seeks to Ban DUI iPhone App

Maryland’s Attorney General recently joined forces with the Attorney General of Delaware to fight for a ban on an iPhone app that alerts drivers to the location of DUI checkpoints, according to an article in The Baltimore Sun.

The app, which can be used on smartphones like the iPhone, lists the locations of checkpoints that police use to screen drivers, often arresting those whom the police believe are driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol. The attorney general argues that the app allows drunk drivers to avoid the law by alerting them to alternate routes that do not require them to drive through the DUI checkpoint.

A similar app for the Blackberry smartphone recently disappeared from the market when its seller, Research in Motion, pulled the app from its online store in response to pleas from several U.S. senators to remove the app. Like the Maryland Attorney General, the senators did not wish to allow drivers to receive information that might allow them to circumvent DUI checkpoints.

Supporters of the checkpoint apps, however, point out that they have a number of uses that have nothing to do with evading the law. For example, the Association for Competitive Technology, a trade association, notes that the apps can also be used to avoid bottlenecks in traffic or accidents that have closed certain routes.

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