Former Prince George’s County Police Officer Seeking New Trial

As reported by the Associated Press and ABC 7, a former Prince George’s County policeman and homeland security officer who was recently convicted of first-degree assault and involuntary manslaughter is asking for a new trial and seeking a reduction in the original sentence. In the January, 2007, the former policeman and homeland security officer shot a furniture delivery man and wounded a second delivery man.

The convicted former police officer who is currently serving a 45-year sentence says that the men attacked him first. He also claims that mistakes were made by his lawyers in defending him and that evidence failed to be disclosed by prosecutors in the case. He was granted a post-conviction hearing, which is now underway in Prince George’s County. According to the first witness called, a paramedic who had examined the shooter upon responding to the shooting, the man had swelling of the lips and under the eyes indicating that he had been hit more than one time.

John Erzen, Communications Director for the Prince George’s State’s Attorney’s office, said they were defending the conviction and therefore opposed a sentence reduction. The convicted killer’s wife told ABC 7 reporters that she still believes the shooting was justifiable because she believes her husband’s account of the incident.

The post-conviction hearing is expected to continue into next week. An appeal of the conviction in federal court is planned if the hearing proves unsuccessful.

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