Maryland SWAT Team Makes Arrest in North Ave. Murder Case

A report from The Baltimore Sun shows that members of the Baltimore SWAT team made an arrest in a fatal shooting that occurred on the evening of March 20. Following a report of the shooting, police officers were dispatched to the 1800 block of Ashburton St. at North Ave. where they found the 23-year-old victim face down with multiple gunshot wounds to the arm and body. Members of the SWAT team then began to canvas the area to search for the perpetrator when they saw the now-arrested suspect acting nervously and concealing something in his waistband. According to court documents, the murder suspect discarded the handgun after officers approached him and began to run.

The shooting suspect was later found hiding in a wooded area near a Baker Street railroad bridge. Officers searched the 22-year-old man and found ten Ziploc baggies of marijuana. Homicide detectives who later took control of the investigation say the man confessed to the shooting. This is unfortunately was not the 22-year-old’s first brush with the law; his previous arrests include Maryland carjacking charges in 2010 and a second carjacking charge with kidnapping of a minor in 2011. In both case, the man evaded prison time. The shooting victim did not appear to have any criminal record.

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