Baltimore Rabbi Accused of Additional Sex Offenses

A article reports that five more women are claiming that a well-known rabbi in Baltimore sexually assaulted them or said inappropriate things to them, or committed both acts in some incidents. The 85-year-old rabbi was convicted in April of this year for molesting a woman in a Reisterstown funeral home. He was sentenced to a suspended one-year prison term.

Apparently, it was reported by The Sun that three of the women alleging inappropriate behavior contacted the newspaper and two of the other claims were submitted by other sources. It is interesting that these other five women waited until the rabbi was convicted of a separate sex crime before coming forward with their own allegations.

It has not yet been determined as to how these allegations will be presented in a court of law and what proceedings will take place. Even so, such accusations of sexual touching and verbal harassment should not be taken lightly by those making such claims or by the person being accused. In this particular case, the rabbi’s suspended one-year prison term may be compromised if he is convicted of committing more offenses than were originally revealed. The report did not mention whether these other alleged assaults took place before, during, or after the offense for which he was convicted.

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