Bethesda DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

According to Forbes magazine, Bethesda, Maryland ranks first as the most educated small town in the nation. An unincorporated area with no official boundaries, Bethesda has a population of about 59,000 as of July 2007 estimates, and measures only 13.2 square miles in size. Located just Northwest of Washington D.C., Bethesda is no stranger to many people traversing its roads and highways each year.

In 2007, there were a total of 24,230 DUI arrests made in Maryland. With such an influx of travelers coming and going, accusations of driving while under the influence are bound to affect Bethesda motorists. In the event that a motorist is accused of DUI in Bethesda, it is usually in the motorist’s best interest to retain the services of an experienced defense attorney who will examine every detail surrounding the motorist’s arrest, ensuring that a strong defense is mounted on their behalf.

DUI and/or DWI charges can be complicated and convictions can seriously alter an individual’s way of life and pose many challenges. From prison time to steep fines to required counseling and a suspended license, individuals who are found guilty of DUI and DWI in Bethesda face a harsh gauntlet of penalties. However, help is available. If you have been accused of DWI in Maryland, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bethesda DUI and DWI defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC for more information that can aid you with your Bethesda DWI defense case. Our Bethesda DUI and DWI attorneys will fight to ensure that your rights are protected in a court of law. Call 866-444-6363 for a free and confidential case evaluation with one of Alpert Schreyer’s criminal defense attorneys today.

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