Calvert County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Located in Southern Maryland, Calvert County houses a population of about 86,000 (as of 2004 estimates) and has the city of Prince Frederick as its county seat. As one of the several counties that make up the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area, Calvert County has a land area of 215 square miles, and a total area of 345 square miles. Originally known for its farmland, Calvert County is now known as an exurb, meaning that residents commute into larger metropolitan areas for work opportunities. With so many residents commuting into and out of Calvert County, it is no wonder that instances of DUI and DWI affect so many motorists on the road.

Maryland saw more than 24,000 arrests made for DUI in 2007. However, not all motorists accused of driving under the influence are guilty. The circumstances surrounding a DUI charge in Calvert County need to be carefully examined in order to determine as accurately as possible what in fact happened. A good course of action for an individual facing such charges is to retain the services of an experienced Calvert County DUI defense attorney who will mount a strong defense.

A Calvert County DUI/DWI conviction can seriously alter an individual’s way of life. A skilled DUI/DWI defense attorney can fight to ensure that the rights of the accused are protected in a court of law. If you stand accused of DUI or DWI in Maryland, the Calvert County DUI and DWI defense attorneys at Alpert Schreyer, LLC will stand by your side and aggressively combat the charges and accusations against you. Call us today at 866-444-6363 for more information regarding your DUI/DWI defense case.

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