Charles County DUI and DWI Defense Attorneys

Part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Charles County is located in southern Maryland and houses a population of 140,444 residents according to 2007 estimates. While Charles County has a total land area of 643 square miles, 182 square miles is water and 461 square miles is land. In addition, Charles County has a population density of 303 residents per square mile (also as of 2007 estimates). The county seat of Charles County, La Plata, is home to the College of Southern Maryland.

Being a major part of the Washington Metropolitan Area, Charles County is no stranger to vehicular traffic entering into and leaving county limits. Consequently, accusations of driving under the influence (DUI) are common, and many residents and visitors may find themselves facing charges that they are not in fact guilty of. A good course of action for a motorist facing a Charles County DUI charge is to retain the services of a skilled defense attorney that has the experience and know-how to aggressively combat such charges, protecting the rights of the motorist in the process.

A Charles County DUI/DWI conviction can lead to jail time, mandatory enrollment in and completion of alcohol treatment programs, monetary fines, and license suspension. All of these consequences can play a detrimental role in an individual’s ability to make a comfortable living for him or herself. At Alpert Schreyer, LLC, our Charles County DUI defense attorneys will examine the circumstances of your arrest, and will mount a strong defense on your behalf. For more information about Charles County DUI and DWI defense, please don’t hesitate to contact the criminal defense firm of Alpert Schreyer. Call 866-444-6363 today.

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