Forensic Expert Indicates a Lack of DNA Evidence in Homicide Trial

Testimony from a forensic DNA expert was heard during the trial of a 39-year-old man charged with the murder of a 27-year-old Salisbury man. Two other suspects were previously indicted by a grand jury for the killing after paramedics found the victim unconscious with his ankles and wrists duct taped inside the home of one of the accused. According to prosecutors, drugs and money were the motive behind the killing. A fourth individual who was allegedly involved, was found dead earlier this year from an apparent suicide.

During the December trial, the defense’s forensic DNA expert testified that there was no DNA evidence linking the defendant to the evidence submitted by police for testing. Maryland State Police submitted 21 pieces of evidence; however, swab samples taken from the items, and not the items themselves, were used for testing purposes.

A co-defendant who testified as part of a plea agreement told jurors that he and the other defendants wore gloves during the assault and murder. According to the expert, those who wear gloves are less likely to leave fingerprints and DNA on objects. The co-defendant also indicated that the defendant sodomized the victim with a broom and beat him with the object until it broke then later burned the victim with heated forks. However, DNA on the duct tape and forks did not match the defendant’s DNA.

Murder trials are extremely complicated, especially when multiple people are involved. Every detail matters and even the smallest of things can either convict or exonerate an accused person. If you have been charged with murder, homicide or assault, consult an experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney.

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